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Features and Specifications

  • Profile: Popper
  • Length: 70mm
  • Hook: (is included) Weedless design
  • Buoyancy:  Floating
  • Built in rattle
  • Powerbait scent and flavour infused
  • Silicon trailing legs
  • Ideal for freshwater fishing. Perfect for bass, saragoga, barramundi, cod and a host of other freshwater fish.


  • Ideal for any fresh species that hunts the top water, an amazing replica in profile and action to assist you in catching plenty of freshwater fish.
  • The famous Powerbait scent and flavour, makes a great lure awesome. Fish simply cannot resist.
  • Powerbait scent last significantly longer than other scents on the market providing lasting value, ensuring your lure performs at peak, longer.
  • The trailing legs balance the lure in the perfect position on the surface, generating the most splash and noise possible while positioning the hooks perfectly.

For more fun and a better class of fish out on the freshwater fishing scene, you must grab one or even a selection of Powerbait Power Pop Frogs to add to your fresh lure arsenal. This frog styled popper is new Japanese design and has a unique soft design that the big fish are going crazy over. There is no better form of excitement than fishing the topwater, and fishing the top water with a Powerbait Frog lure is likely to see you either bag out in a session, or catch you the fish of a life time.

Throw your Powerbait Power Pop Frog at the likes of Bass, Saratoga, Barra, Murray Cod and a host of others. It’s a special for catching enormous Trout. In fact, just about anything that feeds from the topwater will have a very serious go at devouring your Powerbait Frog Lure. Wherever frogs cohabitate with the fish, your find a willing mouth.

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